Me, a Disaster*


This is me.

I am not, typically, a very open or trusting person.  In fact, I tend to be extremely taciturn and introspective and reserved, at least as far as interacting with unfamiliar humans is concerned.  It’s just how it is.  I identify as an introvert, and we are a quiet, timid species that prefers their hideyholes and warm blankets and books.  Personally, my favorite hiding spot is next to a running dryer in the laundry room.

And, yet, here we are.  The obligatory “About Page” for my Internet blog that anybody can read.  The question of whether I’ll regret making this or not is still unanswerable at time of writing, but I’ll give you the facts.  Fair warning; there isn’t much:

  1.  I am a writer.  I can say that because I have a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from a fairly prestigious university.  I know that I haven’t substantially employed said skills in what feels like years, but this blog is my attempt to remedy that.
  2. My brain is constantly generating thoughts and ideas that, given half a chance, come flooding out of my mouth unsolicited in frankly inopportune junctures.  I am of the opinion that some of these thoughts are actually interesting, but I need a place to separate the wheat from the chaff and cultivate fresh crops.  Again, blog.
  3. I can no longer be silent about what is going on in my country.  And boy, howdy, did that single sentence open up a massive can of worms.

That’s pretty much it.  I’m starting this blog because if I don’t I feel as though I might collapse in on myself.  This will be a place of clumsy articulation, uncertain rhetoric, occasional glossolalia (when necessary), and making lots of mistakes.  I can’t promise that I will be gentle or understanding, because I’ve not been on this world very long and I still don’t understand most things.  All I can promise is that I will try to be insightful and ask difficult questions.  All are welcome, regardless of who you are, as long as you are kind and considerate to everybody else.  This is a safe space.

If what I’m doing here isn’t your bag, then you are most welcome to not participate.  For all of you who do choose to stick around, well… You were warned.

Welcome.  Make sure to wipe your feet before you come in.

*(For those of you still wondering about the usage of “Disaster”, don’t worry.  You’ll learn soon enough.)